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7 Tips for Buying Window Shades and Blinds

Finding the perfect window fashions for your home might seem like a rigorous task. The options can feel overwhelming, the various features too confusing. But, with a little help from an expert, choosing window shades and blinds will become the cherry on top of home furnishing. Windows are the eyes of a home. They are a subtle, but essential part of decorating. With the right combination of function and style, window treatments can transform any room into a stunning work of art. Here are seven must-know tips for choosing a set of beautiful window shades and blinds:

1. Decide which room you’re furnishing

The buying process becomes much simpler once you decide which room (or rooms) you are furnishing. Each room in your house has its own personality and purpose, so choose your window treatments accordingly. For example, if you are looking to buy shades for your kitchen, try sheer shadings or light-filtering shades to let more light in. On the other hand, if you are decorating your bedroom, slumber shades and room darkening cellular shades are the best way to provide privacy and less light filtration. And then there’s fashion side of it. Your living room, for instance, might be the spot in your house that should pop. Maybe this is the room to try something colourful, something bold.

2. Understand your options

Window shades and blinds are generally broken down into four different features: privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and fashion. While most people would ideally like to find a window shade that offers all of these features, sometimes you have to make tough choices and decide which aspects you value most. Again, these decisions are often contingent on the room you are decorating. A variety of control options are also available to operate the shade and will be part of the final decision. Be sure to review all of the options available for your shade.

3. Who is in your home?

Most window coverings professionals recommend tailoring your window fashions to the members of your household. If you have young children in the house, purchase cordless shades for the utmost safety. Or, if you have tall, difficult to reach windows, you might want to consider adding motorization for easy and stress free operation.

4. Measure, Measure, Measure!

Perhaps the number one mistake people make when buying window shades (or when furnishing a home in general) is not measuring the space you are decorating. Break out that tape measure and find the dimensions of your windows before going through the hassle of buying shades that are the wrong size. If you are especially worried about making sure your window treatments fit, it might even be worth the money to hire a window coverings professional who will offer measuring and installation assistance.

5. Find out which direction your windows face

This little tip is an easy way to further understand which type of shade is best for you. Windows facing west and south tend to receive more heat and light and, as a result, you will want to keep the room cool with a set of thicker shades, like cellular shades or SunScreen shades which are specifically designed to diminish heat gain and control light. Windows facing east or north are easier to furnish because they aren’t exposed to the same harsh conditions.

6. Talk to a window coverings professional

Contacting a window professional assures that you’ll find the perfect set of shades. As an expert know the industry and what’s best for your home. Contact us at 905-877-6086, or visit our website at

7. Have fun with it!

Don’t let decorating be daunting. It’s supposed to be fun. Choosing window shades is a small way of expressing yourself and making your house feel like a home!

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