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Colour of the MONTH!

Colour of the Month for July is Paradise

As summer begins to truly ramp up, many people and families are planning their destination vacation. Why not plan your very own staycation with our colour of the month, Paradise, on your window treatments?

Many colour psychologists agree that blue, especially in its lighter shades, is the most calming of the primary colours. You can rely on this blissful hue to improve mental clarity and inspire creativity. Researchers have even found that more exposure to the colour blue can lower your heart rate and slow your metabolism, making you more content overall. Making any room feel like your own little piece of paradise.

This month, we have selected three striking accent colours to blend with and enhance Paradise. Sea Voyage provides a rich pop of colour to draw the eye. Ice Castle is a perfect off-white that merges seamlessly with the rest of the colour palette. While Stucco Tan is a tried and true timeless neutral to last you throughout the years.

We can help you turn your house into your personal oasis, into your Paradise.

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