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Colour of the MONTH - December

Make a bold statement this month with Coral Banks on your windows. This shade of red has the ability to feel both contemporary and traditional. When used as the main colour, it can be modern and dramatic. When used as an accent colour, it evokes a timeless and rustic feel. It can truly be a versatile colour.

In design, vibrant reds can energize and heighten the senses. While deep reds, like Coral Banks, can blanket guests with a cozy warm glow. In feng shui, decorating with the colour red signifies richness, luck and luxury. Bring red colour into your decor with details and accessories like window shades, rather than with wall paint if you are hesitant to make a bold leap. We suggest the rooms best suited for this colour to be the living room, dining room or kitchen

There are endless ways to use Coral Banks to create a room that’s your own.

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