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COLOUR of the MONTH - August

August is the time of year when we start winding down from vacation and prepare to get the kids back to school. We begin the slow transition into Fall, and that should include looking at our home decor.

Passion Plum is the August Shade Color of the month. The meaning of the color purple is often associated with royalty and prestige, which is why you see it on kings, magicians and even sorcerers.

But from a design perspective, this jewel-toned beauty is chosen because it is a leading trend color for Fall 2017. Having purple/plum tones in a room calms the mind and provides a sense of spirituality. Use Passion Plum sparingly in a room but consider pairing it with one of our harmony colors such as Spring Lilac or Garden Pebble. Passion Plum is available on cellular or roller shades and you can see this color and other shades of purple.

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